Central Sulawesi Cycle Tour 23 April - 09 May 2017 VIEW
Lake Poso Cycle Tour 23 April - 03 May 2017
Togian Island Cycle Tour 02 May - 09 May 2017
South Sulawesi Cycle Tour 04 - 17 June 2017
Toraja Land Cycle Tour 09 - 17 June 2017
Toraja Bike Retreat 19 - 27 June 2017 VIEW
South South Sulawesi Cycle Tour 13 - 21 July 2017
Trans Flores Cycle Tour 08 - 25 September 2017 VIEW
Kelimutu Cycle Tour 08 - 17 September 2017
Komodo Cycle Tour 16 - 25 September 2017
Bali Cycle Tour 20 - 27 October 2017 VIEW
North Sulawesi Cycle Tour 12 -24 November 2017 VIEW
Bajawa Bike Retreat 1 - 9 December 2017 VIEW

Central Sulawesi Cycle Tour
17 Days - 943 km - elevation 7193 m - 51 hours ride time
Trip begins in Palu on the west coast of Sulawesi and finishes, 943 km later in the east coast town of Luwuk. Trip takes in Prince John Dive Resort, historic port of Donggala, the rugged and scenic central mountain range, crystal clear Lake Poso, idyllic Togian islands (fabulous snorkling) and the cliff side and coconut palm route from Poso to Luwuk. Swimming and / or waterfall sitting 15/16 days.

Lake Poso Cycle Tour
11 Days - 544 km - elevation 4,147 m
Trip starts in Palu on the west coast of Sulawesi, will take us along the coast of Teluk Palu Bay to the historic port of Donggala, Prince John dive resort, past Kebun Kopi (Coffee Gardens) the rugged and scenic central mountain range and will circumnavigate crystal clear Lake Poso. Fly Poso - Makassar.

Togian Island Cycle Tour
8 Days - 393 km - elevation 1,008 m
This is a feast of water scenery from Poso to Ampana, Togian Islands and from Ampana to Luwuk.

South Sulawesi Cycle Tour
14 Days - 648 km - elevation 4,200 m - 47 hours ride time
This trip begins with a cycle city orientation of Makassar and finishes back there. It includes cycling in the cultural heartland of Toraja, guided mountain trekking, Torajan village homestays, white water rafting, yoga, outdoor thermal springs relaxation.

Toraja Land Cycle Tour
9 Days - 252 km
Riders will take the plane Makassar - Toraja and join the South Sulawesi group in Makale. And be with the group till the end.

Toraja Bike Retreat
7 Days - 317 km approx
The aim of this program is to give riders the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in Torajan society and culture. Thereíll be a wide range of rides, cooking and culture classes, family guest house and hotel accommodation.

South South Sulawesi Cycle Tour
9 Days - 525 km
The trip starts and finishes in Makassar, the capital of Indonesia's historic spice trade. It takes in the tea and coffee plantations of Malino, the waterfalls of Malino and Bantaeng, the beaches of Cape Bira, the weaving villages on offshore islands and the wooden sailing boat industry in Bulukumba. There'll be visits to markets, schools and mosques. On some days we'll buy veggies from roadside stalls for cooking further along the road.

Trans Flores Cycle Tour           
18 Days - 696 km - 10,184 m elevation
This trip will take you the length of the island, from Larantuka in the far east to Labuan Bajo in the west. The coastal and mountain scenery in Flores is spectacular, roads are good, traffic is light, modern commercial tourism has barely begun but there are prehistoric dragons, tri-colour volcanic lakes and beaches galore.

Kelimutu Cycle Tour           
10 Days - 280 km - 3,649 m elevation
Riders who take this option will fly into Maumere with the group and split from the group in Ende. They will enjoy the beaches and waters of Maumere and the coloured lakes of Kelimutu.

Komodo Cycle Tour           
10 Days - 416 km - 6535 m elevation
Riders who take this option will fly into Ende and join the group there They will experience the traditional culture of Bajawa, the cool climate and hobbit cave in Ruteng and be challenged by the steep ascent to Labuan Bajo.

Bali Cycle Tour
8 Days - 287 km
Trip takes in art centre of Ubud, serene Lake Bratan, a village stay, east coast beaches and the islandís central mountains and crater lakes.

North Sulawesi Cycle Tour
13 Days - 715 km - elevation 8180 m - 36 hours ride time
Trip departs Manado on the north coast, near internationally famous Bunaken and finishes in the fort city of Gorontalo on the south coast. The 715km route takes us to the flower town of Tomohon, the still active Gunung Lokon volcano, around Lake Tondano and the hot springs at Remboken. The route passes through a combination of mountainous and coastal terrain. Riders will experience the Christian culture of Minahasa and the Muslim culture of Gorontalo.

Bajawa Bike Retreat
9 Days - 314 km approx
Riders will have the chance to cycle loops covering most of the Bajawa region. Most of the loops have a dominant ascent and dominant ascent. The ascents are tough but riders will always have the option of continuing or jumping a ride with the support vehicle.

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