ITINERARY - TRANS SULAWESI                    

Available Tour Dates
Trans Sulawesi 1 19 Days 18 March - 5 April 2018 Open
Toraja 1 10 Days 18 - 27 March 2018
Lake Poso - Togian Island 1 11 Days 26 March - 5 April 2018
Trans Sulawesi 2 19 Days 28 October - 15 November 2018 Open
Toraja 2 10 Days 28 October - 6 November 2018
Lake Poso - Togian Island 2 11 Days 5 - 15 November 2018

Overview Trans Sulawesi Full TRIP
Cycle distance        746 km
Days        19 days
Cycle days        10 days

Trip Options

Trip Start Finish Km Days Maps
Full Makassar Ampana 746 19
Toraja Makassar Rantepao 169 10
Lake Poso - Togian Island Rantepao Ampana 577 11

Accommodation Information

Style Night
International Resort 5
National Resort 5
Up-market National 1
Commercial Travellers 3
Family Guest House 4

Full Trip and Toraja Trip

Day 1 / Sunday

This is a group arrival and group assembly day. Riders arrive at Sultan Hasanuddin International airport in Makassar, will be met by our drivers (Pak Aco or Pak Ucok) and taken to an international hotel by Losari beach, near the old China town. The major pre dinner tasks will be to assemble and trial ride the bikes, get some Indonesian currency and an Indonesian SIM cards. We'll have dinner at Lay-Lay 'peoples' fish restaurant and discuss cultural and cycle matters.

Day 2 / Monday

This will be a sight see Makassar by bike and will include visits to the early morning fish markets, the traditional harbor Poutere, 16th century Dutch Fort Rotterdam and Fort Somba Opu and the Somba Opu Bird Park. After a coto Makassar lunch we'll explore some of the offshore islands. The bikes will be repacked and prepared for transport to Enrekang. We'll have dinner at 'the fisherman's restaurant' and stroll along the waterfront back to the hotel.

Day 3 / Tuesday
255 Km
Makassar - Van via Pare-pare - Enrekang

We'll depart Makassar early so as to beat the morning traffic and get out into the country side as quickly as we can. At Maros we'll see by impressive limestone karts (Ramang-Ramang) and drop into the water cascades and butterfly sanctuary at Bantimurung, made famous by biologist Alfred Russell Wallace. We'll continue north to Pare-Pare where we'll lunch overlooking Pare-Pare Bay. We then head north east to through Bugis cultural country with its stilt houses, mosques and goats, finishing in the quiet little town of Enrekang nestling in the foothills of the towering Torajan mountains. There should be time for a dip at the Lewaja waterfall. We'll have Chinese food for dinner and our accommodation will be in a small family run guest house.

Day 4 / Wednesday
62 Km
Enrekang - Cycle - Sahid Toraja Hotel

The first 15 km is serious climbing to Bu Aja's warung cafe over-looking the Erotic Mountain at Bambapuang. The road continues to follow a deep river valley through rustic mountain villages of Sudu, Cakke and Kalose before arriving at our mountain resort accommodation where can enjoy a swim before a pan Indonesian dinner.

Day 5 / Thursday
60 Km
Sahid Toraja Hotel - Cycle - Batutumonga

In the early morning we'll glide down the hill from the Sahid past limestone outcrops towards to the bustling market centre of Makale. If its raining we'll continue on the main road Makale - Rantepao - Bori - Maruang (lunch) - Batutumonga. If it is not raining we'll take a village back-road Sahid - (7 km) - Marinding - Makula hot springs - Randanbatu - Sallebayu (lunch) - Rantepao - Bori - Batutumonga. In both cases we'll climb into the cultural heartland of Toraja dropping into the Bori rock graves, and then to the scenic lookout at Tinibayu. Before coming into Batutumonga that affords wonderful views of the Rantepao valley.

Day 6 / Friday
Batutumonga - Trekking - Limbong

Today we'll trek for 6 hours through Torajan mountain villages, rice fields and vegetable gardens to the traditional village of Limbong. We'll be accommodated in traditional Torajan houses and have a Torajan dinner of black rice, village chicken and vegetable soup.

Day 7 / Saturday
Limbong - Trekking - White Water Rafting - Taparan - Van - Rantepao

We'll continue our trek through the rice field terraced hillsides from Limbong to Ke'pe where we'll begin our white water rafting to Taparan where we'll be picked up by van and taken 35 km to our international hotel by the rushing waters of Sa'dan river in the middle of Rantepao's CBD. Dinner will be pan Indonesian at the 'with it' Aras Café.

Day 8 / Sunday
47 Km
Circum Navigate Toraja Rantepao - Alang-Alang - Ma'dandan - Rantetayo - Makale - Burake (Jesus statue) - Suaya Kambira (baby grave) - Randanbatu - Ke'te Kesu (UNESCO recognized and protected) - Patung Kerbau (Buffalo statue) - Rantepao.

We'll have a Torajan dinner at the Remiko. We'll return to our International modern resort.

Day 9 / Monday
Free Day

The day will be free to explore Rantepao, the live stock markets, visit Tody's art shop, buy some Torajan coffee and perhaps have a traditional massage, all within walking distance. The vans will be able to be used by the riders. We'll have our last traditional Torajan dinner by the river in our hotel. We'll have pumpkin soup, red rice and bamboo chicken.
The Lake Poso - Togian Island riders join the group on this day.

Day 10 / Tuesday
124 km
Rantepao - Cycle - Masamba

This will be a full on cycle day, with an initial climb out of the Rantepao valley and a 20 km descent to Palopo on the coast.
Toraja Trip riders finish on this day. They'll need to travel back to Makassar. This may be done by overnight bus from Rantepao or plane from Palopo.
The full trip group will follow the coast northwards till we reach Masamba where we'll stay in a hill villa affording a wonderful view of the town.

Day 11 / Wednesday
78 Km
Masamba - Cycle - Mangkutana

The narrow coastal plain with its rice fields continues with blue hued mountain reminding us of where we've come from and where we're going. We'll spend the night in a commercial travellers' hotel and have Padang (West Sumatra) food for dinner.

Day 12 / Thursday
82 Km
Mangkutana - Cycle - Pendolo

Not far out of town we begin the climb passing by the Salunoa waterfall, great for bathing. We reach the town of Pendolo on the edge of Lake Poso 657 m above sea level. Lake Poso is clean and serene. Our accommodation is on the lake edge and swimming is a must

Day 13 / Friday
64 Km Pendolo - Cycle - Siuri

The route follows the edge of Lake Poso. We plan to visit a school in one of the timeless little fishing villages that we pass through finishing at our beachside accommodation at Siuri. We'll stop at Marapi which gives us a fabulous view of the lake.

Day 14 / Saturday

Today we'll walk through Balinese transmigrants' villages and explore the water cascades at Saloppa. We'll lunch and explore the lakeside town of Tentena where there are Dutch buildings from the colonial past. We'll spend a second night in the beach cottages at Siuri.

Day 15 / Sunday
74 km
Siuri - Cycle - Poso

The 18 km from Siuri to Tentena, at the northern end of Lake Poso, more or less follows the lake shore and is more or less undulating. Just out of Tentena there should be time to view some ancestral skulls and skeletons. The road then climbs seriously then descends past fabulous mountain-valley jungle scenery. On the way we'll cool off in one of the many rivers that the road crosses. The final 15 km is mostly flat and we'll have a look at a village sago factory.

Day 16 / Monday
102 km
Poso - Cycle - Padapu

The route follows the coconut palm fringed coastline. Every so often we'll pass by traditional fishing villages built on stilts in the water. We'll drop in at some traditional copra making and stop at Warung Debi for a swim in Tomini Bay and a grilled fish lunch in her wooden cafe built over the water, 66 km from Poso. The remainder of the trip is along cliff sides affording breathtaking views of the bay. Once again our accommodation is by the water where we can swim and cool off.

Day 17 / Tuesday
53 km
Padapu - Cycle - Ampana Ampana - Jetboat - Togian Islands

The road continues along the coast with coconut plantations and cliff faces. We'll lunch in Ampana and then jetboat to the beautiful Togian islands. We'll leave our bikes in Ampana. The name of our hotel, Harmony, accurately describes the Togian Islands.

Day 18 / Wednesday

Optional water activities snorkling/diving available at an extra charges.

Day 19 / Thursday
Togian - Jetboat - Ampana

Finish Trip.

Ampana - Plane - Palu

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