ITINERARY - South South Sulawesi Cycle Tour

Available Tour Dates
13 - 21 July 2017 Open

Cycle distance 498 km
Elevation 5303 m
No of days 9 days
No of cycle days 6 days

Day 1
We値l pick you up at Sultan Hasanuddin International airport and take you to an international hotel on Makassar痴 main oceanside promenade
Our mechanic will help you assemble your bike
Cultral orientation
Traditional barbecued seafood dinner
Accommodation: International hotel by the sea

Day 2
Cycle day 1
76 km - 1290 m
Mmakassar - Bili Bili - Malino
Dawn depart through Makassar, 30km flat terrain to Bili-Bili dam, then climb continuously 50km eastwards through scenic mountain river valleys to the cool former Dutch hill station of Malino, where we値l lunch.
Accommodation: Former colonial guest house in mountain village

Day 3
Cycle day 2
20 km - 597 m
Malino - Teh Nittoh - Takapala - Malino
We値l cycle through pine forests up a severe 10km ascent to visit Teh Nittoh tea plantation. Then descend 10km to Takapala, the majestic Find Your Sweetheart Waterfall, where we値l lunch in the village and then 10km through mountain valleys back to Malino.
Accommodation: Former colonial guest house in mountain village

Day 4
Cycle day 3
82 km - 1210 m
Malino - Manipi - Sinjai
The road ascends through pine forests for 15km from Malino to sparsely populated upland vegetable growing valleys 45 km past rustic villages along quiet village roads to Manipi followed by 20km along gently undulating rice growing terrain to Sinjai.
We値l buy vegetables in the Malino market for cooking lunch near Manipi.
Accommodation: Modern hotel in quiet coastal town

Day 5
Cycle day 4
100 km - 1038 m
Sinjai - Tanete - Bulukumba - Cape Bira
From coastal Sinjai we値l ascend through 40km of rice terraced valleys to the mountain village of Tanete and then descend 62km to the traditional wooden sailing boat industry at Bulukumba and the white sand beaches at Cape Bira.
Accommodation: Up-market beachside cottages

Day 6
Beach day
Cape Bira
At Bira we can beach relax, swim, snorkle, dive and sail to weaving villages on nearby offshore islands.
Accommodation: Up-market beachside cottages

Day 7
Cycle day 5
121 km - 818 m
Cape Bira - Bisappu - Jeneponto
We値l cycle along the south coast of Sulawesi from Cape Bira, 80km to the Thousand Steps Bisappu Waterfall near Bantaeng and then 30km past salt making and through the sugar palm savanna landscape of Jeneponto regency.
Accommodation: Modern beach resort

Day 8
Cycle day 6
99 km - 350 m
Jeneponto - Takalar - Makassar
Ride continues 50km through the Jeneponto savanna to Takalar where we値l lunch and then 40km past fish ponds, market gardening and rice farming to Makassar.
After bike packing we値l have our final meal together and certificate presentation.
Accommodation: International hotel by the sea

Day 9
Makasssar - Airport
The tour finishes on this morning.
Airport transfers

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