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This is a 9 day ride. Variations are possible, they need to be discussed and finalized before May 1, 2010. We’ve planned this trip to include mostly mountainous terrain with several days of palm fringed coastal plains and traditional rice growing villages.

The route encircles the southern part of South Sulawesi province starting in the provincial capital of Makassar climbing eastwards and inland to the cool former Dutch hill station of Malino where we'll spend a day cycling to the Teh Nittoh Tea Plantation and Takapala, the majestic Find Your Sweetheart Waterfall.

The route then descends to coastal Sinjai through pine forests, sparsely populated upland valleys, through vegetable growing rustic Buginese villages.

We then climb westwards to Tanete through rice terraced river valleys eventually descending to the traditional wooden sailing boat industry at Bulukumba and the white sand beaches at Cape Bira.

At Bira we can swim, snorkle, dive, sail to nearby offshore islands and otherwise just relax on the beach.

The next two cycle days will take us along the south coast including the spectacular Thousand Steps Bisappu Waterfall near Bantaeng and the beach at Jeneponto.

Most of the route will be fully bituminized and generally smooth. Note though, that heavy monsoonal downpours often wreak considerable local damage to roads.

We’ll cover a distance of just roughly 525km with an average of about 85km per cycle day.

The average rider will be challenged by the mostly mountainous terrain and the heat could tax others.

The only really busy spot in South Sulawesi is Makassar. We'll avoid it by leaving before dawn on our first cycle day.

Drivers in South Sulawesi are generally respectful towards cyclists. Away from Makassar, the drivers are mostly commercial drivers who know the roads and are very tolerant towards international cyclists. In all of my thousands of cycle miles in Sulawesi not once have I experienced driver insensitivity, anger or aggression.

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Makassar Malino
makasar_1.jpg makasar_2.JPG malino_1.jpg malino_2.jpg


sinjai_1.JPG sinjai_2.JPG tanete_1.jpg tanete_2.jpg


Tana Beru
bulukumba_1.JPG bulukumba_2.JPG tanaberu_1.jpg tanaberu_2.jpg


bira_1.JPG bira_2.JPG bantaeng_1.JPG bantaeng_2.JPG


jeneponto_1.jpg jeneponto_5.jpg takalar_1.jpg takalar_2.jpg

Support Crew

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