Toraja Bike Retreat TBA VIEW
Bajawa Bike Retreat TBA VIEW

The concept
Bicycle retreats or ‘bub and spokes’ routing arrangements are not new to the cycle world but they are new for Indonesia. The idea is to be accommodated in a central spot and make daily trips to different locations.

Riders will get to know the local people through daily interaction with them. For those who’ve been on long cycle tours where there’s a routine of un - and re-packing this will mean a welcome release of energy for exploring the local culture, society and language through both formal classes and spontaneous learning including shopping in local markets for ingredients in preparation for cooking classes. There will be time for talks on particular aspects of the local culture, both during the rides and in non - ride time, and to develop friendships with locals.

Over the past 20 years there has been an enormous shift of authority from Jakarta to local district level governments. This process is working itself out in different ways and at different speeds in different regions and locals are usually very happy to relate these - what is to them - new democratic experiences.

Program locations
We’ve chosen two locations, namely Rantepao (in Toraja Land, Sulawesi) and Bajawa in Ngada regency Flores. Both places are centres of distinctive cultural regions, administrative centres and both are bustling business centres and both offer fabulous scenic cycling opportunities.

Riding arrangements
We’ve been guided by the following considerations:
  • The routes can be done comfortably in a day
  • The routes loop, so there’s no repetition
  • The routes include attractive scenery and cultural items of interest
  • There are good spots for lunch
  • Decision on the order of rides will be made close to the time, to take into account current road and weather conditions as well as the group’s riding strength, experience ad riders’ touring preferences
The general modus operandi will be;
  • To ride as a group because many of the routes are complicated
  • To have a vehicle or staff rider as leader AND vehicle or staff rider as sweep
  • To have an option for riders to on ahead or to go at a slower than group pace. We’ll provide riders with internet maps of the routes
  • To have planned morning tea and lunch stops and spontaneous stops for water refill will be possible. If the route is a long one an afternoon tea will be scheduled
  • All of the routes will include stops to explore and receive explanations on points of interest
  • Riders be able to get on and off the support vehicle as they have the need to
We fully understand that food is a most important aspect of both international travel and cycling. We are keen to provide you with an appreciation of local cuisine without being bound by it.

Breakfast, at the accommodation, will be international (fruit, omelettes etc.) with an Indonesian fried rice option.
Lunch will be either a packed lunch box, a picnic spread lunch or local cuisine at a local café or with a local family.
Dinner will be ‘down town’ in a traditional ethnic Indonesian restaurant or in a ‘with it’ place that caters for foreign travellers’ preferences.

Our accommodation will be in a modern boutique hotel, complete with pool, situated on the edge of a river where the waters are always rushing and just off the middle of town.

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