I plan Cycle Indonesia trips as cultural immersion adventures on bikes.
Indonesian cultural and language instruction is integrated naturally into the cycle rythm of the day.

We’re in non-tourist Indonesia so riders are able to experience Indonesia as it really is, not as something that's been put on to make money from foreign tourists

Daily rides are 60 - 100km, depending on terrain, accommodation, things to see and swimming. Rides are planned with flexibility to allow for spontaneous stops for exploring, talking with locals, waterfall sitting and local activities. I lead optional yoga after the day's ride and before dinner.

The support vehicle drivers, who've been with me for 5 years now, speak English and a mechanic attends to mechanical mishaps along the way, washes the bikes daily and keeps them in top shape.

Roads on most of the routes are sealed and are mostly in good repair.
I organize the food before trips start. It is Sulawesi style Indonesian - rice, fish, vegetables for main meals. Village cakes and fruits-in-season at the stops.
Vegetarians are easily catered for. Fresh water is readily available as is Pocari Sweat, an electrolytic sports drink. There’s an ice box to keep the beer cold too.

Accommodation (twin share) in the cities is international class. Along the way it is in family guesthouses that usually includes AC, sit down loos, showers and sometimes hot water. Single supplements are available.

Although the equator runs through Sulawesi most of the cycle routes are 1000 - 2000 feet above seal level so temperatures are not a problem for those who have prepared thenselves before the trip. I do not plan trips with any weather forecasts in mind because they’ve been proved wrong too many times and riders have found cycling in the rain to be fun, cleansing and refreshing.

Most riders find MTBs the most practical bike to use. Some riders bring their own, others choose to hire bikes.

All over Sulawesi the locals are amazingly friendly, the drivers are thoughtful and considerate and the police are always helpful.

I’ve been cycling Sulawesi since 2001 and still get a huge buzz out of it.

Colin Freestone.

Flores Cycle Tour 01-16 July 2016 16 Days
670 km
elevation 10,184 m
TBA hours ride time
This trip will take you the length of the island, from Larantuka in the far east to Labuan Bajo in the west. The coastal and mountain scenery in Flores is spectacular, roads are good, traffic is light, modern commercial tourism has barely begun but there are prehistoric dragons, tri-colour volcanic lakes and beaches galore.

North Sulawesi Cycle Tour 07-19 March 2016 13 Days
715 km
elevation 8180m
36 hours ride time
Trip departs Manado on the north coast, near internationally famous Bunaken and finishes in the fort city of Gorontalo on the south coast. The 716km route takes us to the flower town of Tomohon, the still active Gunung Lokon volcano, around Lake Tondano and the hot springs at Remboken. The route passes through a combination of mountainous and coastal terrain. Riders will experience the Christian culture of Minahasa and the Muslim culture of Gorontalo.

Lake Poso Cycle Tour 09 -18 September 2016 9 Days
486 km
elevation 4,147 m
TBA hours ride time
Trip starts in Palu on the west coast of Sulawesi, will take us along the coast of Teluk Palu Bay to the historic port of Donggala, Prince John dive resort, past Kebun Kopi (Coffee Gardens) the rugged and scenic central mountain range and will circumnavigate crystal clear Lake Poso.

Central Sulawesi Cycle Tour 09 - 24 September 2016 16 Days
943 km
elevation 7193 m
51 hours ride time
Trip begins in Palu on the west coast of Sulawesi and finishes, 943km later in the east coast town of Luwuk. Trip takes in Prince John Dive Resort, historic port of Donggala, the rugged and scenic central mountain range, crystal clear Lake Poso, idyllic Togian islands (fabulous snorkling) and the cliff side and coconut palm route from Poso to Luwuk. Swimming and / or waterfall sitting 15/16 days.

Toraja Land Cycle Tour for Expats 05 - 11 December 2015
09 - 15 January 2016
14 - 20 May 2016
7 Days
279 km
elevation TBC m
TBC hours ride time
We'll pick you up from Hasanuddin International Airport at Saturday noon and take you straight to Enrekang in the foothills of Toraja Land. For the next 6 days we'll discover the mysteries of Torajan culture while cycling through its mountains and valleys.

South South Sulawesi Cycle Tour 05 - 16 May 2016
18 - 26 August 2016
9 Days
525 km
elevation TBC m
TBC hours ride time
The trip starts and finishes in Makassar, the capital of Indonesia's historic spice trade. It takes in the tea and coffee plantations of Malino, the waterfalls of Malino and Bantaeng, the beaches of Cape Bira, the weaving villages on offshore islands and the wooden sailing boat industry in Bulukumba. There'll be visits to markets, schools and mosques. On some days we'll buy veggies from roadside stalls for cooking further along the road.

Toraja Land Cycle Tour 22 January - 04 February 2016
17 - 30 November 2016
14 Days
648 km
elevation 4,200 m
47 hours ride time
This trip begins with a cycle city orientation of Makassar and finishes back there. It includes cycling in the cultural heartland of Toraja, guided mountain trekking, Torajan village homestays, white water rafting, yoga, outdoor thermal springs relaxation.


Adventure and cultural cycle tours of Sulawesi, Indonesia, with a bi-lingual Australian tour leader.

Bicycle tours on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi - Exploring traditional societies and cultures of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The bicycle tours on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi are adventure tours. They're in a non-tourist, traditional village environment.

Every effort is made to provide riders with an 'as it is' experience.

An optional Yoga class is held after the day's ride and before dinner. Swimming is available most days.

Bahasa Indonesia instruction is integrated naturally into the rhythm of each day.

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