Flores Top Gear 2019


We plan Cycle Indonesia trips as cultural immersion adventures on bikes. Indonesian cultural and language instruction is integrated naturally into the cycle rhythm of the day.

We're in non-tourist Indonesia so riders are able to experience Indonesia as it really is, not as something that's been put on to make money from foreign tourists.

Daily rides are 60 - 100 km, depending on terrain, accommodation, things to see and swimming. Rides are planned with flexibility to allow for spontaneous stops for exploring, talking with locals, waterfall sitting and local activities.

The support vehicle drivers, who've been with us for several trips and have some English and a mechanic attends to mechanical mishaps along the way, washes the bikes as required and keeps them in top shape.

Colin first cycled in Indonesia in 1993, and has never lost his love for the experience, although medical issues since 2017 have constrained his cycling activities.
We did our first group ride in South Sulawesi in 2009. Since then we've increased our routes to include Central and North Sulawesi, Bali and Flores.

Roads on all of the routes are sealed. In Bali and Flores they are in good repair. Small sections of road in South and Central Sulawesi are in need of repair.

We organize the food before trips start. It is local style Indonesian - rice, fish, vegetables for main meals. Village cakes and fruits-in-season at the stops.
Vegetarians and gluten free riders are catered for.

Fresh water is readily available as is electrolytic sports drink Pocari Sweat. There's an ice box to keep drinks, including beer, cold.

Accommodation (twin share) in the cities is international class. Along the way it is in family guesthouses that usually include AC, sit down toilets, showers and sometimes hot water. In Flores some of the accommodation is in seminaries and nunneries. Single supplements are available.

Although most of the riding is near the equator much of the cycling is 1000 - 2000 feet above sea level so temperatures are not a problem for those who have prepared themselves before the trip.

We do not plan trips with any weather forecasts in mind because they've been proved wrong too many times and riders have found cycling in the rain to be fun, cleansing and refreshing.

Most riders find MTBs the most practical bike to use. Some riders bring their own, others choose to hire bikes.

All over Indonesia the locals are amazingly friendly, drivers are thoughtful and considerate and the police are always helpful.

Although Colin would love to cycle with you, ongoing medical difficulties preclude him from doing so. However your trips manager and road staff continues to offer the same amazing experience as ever.

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